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Sylia Stingray and Priss Asagiri

Sylia Stingray's Biography

In the year AD2022, the dawn of Boomer Technology, Doctor Stingray was assassinated by the treacherous GENOM Corporation. After her father's death, Sylia and her younger brother were all that was left of their family. Sylia inherited her late father's huge fortune as well as an enormous amount of data concerning her father's research. All this data was directly input into her brain (this was a technique derived from Doctor Stingray's Boomer technology). In this way, Sylia was reborn as a kind of "super lady."

Soon Mega Tokyo was being terrorized by GENOM's Boomers. Sylia, upset at such abuse of her father's technology, decided to bring down GENOM and its Boomers. In the year 2030, with the completion of her Hardsuit design (a compact and powerful armored soldier), Sylia began to recruit women for her group of punishers, the Knight Sabers.

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