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Sylia Stingray and Largo

Is Sylia Stingray a Cyberdroid?

One of the greater mysteries of Bubblegum Crisis is whether or not Sylia Stingray is a Cyberdroid. Her mind works like a computer, processing information with unheard of precision. She can transmit and receive messages via radio waves, even having 'conversations' with Largo himself. Extensive proof screams that Sylia is something other than a human being. However, the majority of BGC fans are unable to settle with the indisputable evidence, from actions to words.

The most impressive argument for Sylia being a Cyberdroid can be found at The Shrine to Sylia Stingray and Largo/Mason, a site that goes unusually far with this debate by incorporating it into the actual base content of the page. When reading that part of the site, denying that something about Sylia is not human is absolutely insane. In fact, not one of the arguments against Sylia being a Cyberdroid takes into account nearly so much as the arguments for her being such.

Of course, some of the proof that Sylia is not a human is taken from Bubblegum Crash!. There are quite a few fans who would never accept Crash! as cannon for this reason alone. When Largo tells Sylia that she is of his kind and will live forever along with himself and the Cyberdroids, he is more or less stating precisely what some fans had been anticipating for years.

What BGC did when it brought this entire controversy up was defy the laws of anime. There is no formula to BGC; it manipulates its audience into believing one thing and then tells them another. The story is more complex than most 'man vs. machine' stories, and far better in its lay-out. When BGC uses an intelligent story is veers from the norm and here is where the questions are raised. In most anime, Sylia could never be a Cyberdroid or something of that sort; it simply does not happen. In BGC it makes total sense for her to be one just because the creators of the series were so fond of not doing what was done with most anime series.

The greatest amount of proof for Sylia being a Cyberdroid lies in Largo and his obsession with her. Whenever the two communicate, he implies that she is not a human being. He taunted her, mocked her, and brought her into his consciousness. He showed her where they would reside when humanity was wiped out. Indeed, Largo hated humans with a passion. Even as Mason he seemed to feel nothing but contempt for his own kind. So why would he give a damn about Sylia if she were a human being? He would not. He hesitated every time he got the chance to kill her, showing that her power was more than just being an intelligent, beautiful woman. The eradication of humanity means killing off all humans. Apparently the word 'all' does not include Sylia, thus meaning that she is not a part of the 'all' mentioned. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that Sylia is not a human being, but something else entirely.


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