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Sylia Stingray was orphaned at the age of twelve when her father, Doctor Katushito Stingray, learned too much about GENOM, the superconglomerate behind the destructive Cyberdroids. While some Cyberdroids, which were more or less androids that were occassionally heavily armed, were as harmless as human beings, some had the ability to lay an AD. Police Unit flat in seconds. Thus, the Doctor protested the misuse of his creations. The Chairman of GENOM, Mister Quincy, chose to have Doctor Stingray executed rather than deal with his vocalization of his opinions about GENOM. Quincy his has secretary, Brian J. Mason, kill Katsuhito Stingray and burn down Whiz Laboratories to permanently due away with all evidence of GENOM's misdealings. But Quincy had acted too hastily and had not taken the necessary precautions to keep Katushito quiet even in death.
Katushito's young daughter, Sylia, received soon afterward a data unit containing information on the Doctor's death and his projects, including a set of powered armor far superior to any other armor available. After Sylia understood the information, she knew that it was her duty to avenge her father's death. She took it upon herself to recruit three other women for her team of mercenaries that would battle GENOM.
In the year of 2031AD, the Knight Sabers became a reality.